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Software stages


All software stages have been developed through a demanding process of countless tests and calibrations on road and dyno conditions. Every new project is optimised according to the specifications of the setup. Our targets: Maximum performance, maximum drivability, minimum consumption . In other words: maximum efficiency


stock engine + remap stg1


full exhaust/ intake/ intercooler (optional) + remap stg2 

takes advantage of 100% potential of original turbocharger


big turbo setup/ camshaft stg1/ supporting mods/ methanol inj (optional) + remap stg3 

takes advantage of 100% potential of stock engine


big turbo setup/ camshaft stg2(+)/ forged engine/ fully tuned head/ supporting mods/ methanol inj (optional)/ big injectors + remap stg4

400+ hp power target


racing projects

big turbo setup/ camshaft stage3/ forged & fully upgraded engine/upgraded trans/ fully tuned head/ supporting mods/ metahol inj/ big injectors + remap stage5

450-500hp power targer

Extra features

-launch control

-hardcut limiter

-pops n bangs 

-flat sfift / nls

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