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The 1,4 Multiair engine of FPT was first launched in 2009 and voted International engine of the Year, just the next year, thanks to a high tech mechanic/hydraulic controlling intake valve system, comanded by the E.C.U. The complexity of the system stood agianst the tuning of the engine and no tuner managed to present a way of evolving timing and lift charachteristics. With great effort,study and experimentation in actual conditions, we present you for the first time a fully operational and reliable way of improving system charachteristics,that has fully tested and performed the best.

In addition with other tuning suggestions we create different stages of tuning.


Multiair system has the ability to change in real time the lift of the intake valves accordind to the commands of the ECU. Improved torque,driveability and overall performance come as a result.When full power is the demand, the system adapts in maximum lift. But this spesific lift is not always used by ecu and thus full power is not always unlocked due to different strategies. Our custom softwares ensure that we aways take advantage of the 100% of the system.

Besides that, even when full lift is used, system has spesific characteristics and thus spesific limits. The phenomenon that takes place when we reach these limits,  is that as we increase boost pressure, the outcome horsepower doesn't increase in perpendicular way. Thus, tuners and programmers increase extremely high the boost pressure in order to achieve good results, putting in danger the turbocharger and the engine too.

With our custom camshafts, system characteristics improved in a way that allow an adequate amount of a/f mixture to enter the combustion chamber,so horsepwer can increase perpendicular to the boost pressure increase. The efficiency of the engine combines the power of the conventional engines with improved camshafts, without sacrifice torque and responce in low revs, thanks to the full adjustment of the system to new data.


Mtd was born on November 2016.


Our innovations:

-Continuously holding the title of the most powerfull multiair worldwide since 2016 (curently 466hp ) 

-Holding the tilte of the fastest multiair vehicle and punto/mito plattform vehicle at 100-200kmh (7,2 cor.)

-Software fuctions unlock as launch cotlrol, antilag, rolling-antilag, hardcut limiter, rev limiter unlock, full torque limiters unlock etc.

-4 different stages of custom camshafts

-Custom fully cnc machined camshaft by special deisgned alloy, for racing applications

-Presenting the only 2.0t Alfa multiair tuning camshaft available on market 

-Holding the most powerful ( 413bhp ) and fastest ( 10.57sec verified 100-200kmh ) Alfa Giulia 2.0t multiair 

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